– FAQ’s –

· Where is your shop located?
I’m based out of Los Angeles, California, USA. I work out of my home studio creating my artwork, maintaining my websites, doing print production, and packing up orders to ship. I have all kinds of goodies in my Etsy Store including archival prints, vinyl stickers, bookmarks, and limited edition curios.

· What inspires your art?
I’ve always been drawn to the strange and curious: creeping monsters, lovely spirits, supernatural magic, mysterious otherworlds, and bizarre oddities. I find the rawness of what’s kept secretly locked up away from the world beautiful and mesmerising. A few artists who have greatly influenced me include John Kenn Mortensen, Paulina Cassidy, Pendleton Ward, Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton, and many other creatives.

· What mediums are your favorites to use?
Definitely ink, both pens and washes straight from a bottle, on mixed-media sketchbooks and hot pressed watercolor paper. Ink is what you’d call my ‘first language’. It has always been my habit to pick up a pen and rather intuitively hatch my daydreams away. There’s something revealing about laying your soul out on paper, unforgiving mistakes and all. It’s messy and wild and beautiful. I also enjoy layering ink with watercolors very much. Here’s a comprehensive list of my favorite art materials.

· What do you like to do for fun?
I split most of my time between my art, homeschooling my 1st grader, and working on digital projects with my husband. In my free time I’m either live-streaming games like Stardew Valley / Don’t Starve Together / Skyrim on Steam, watching tv or animé (check out MyAniméList), grooving to one of my Spotify playlists, cooking crazy meals, spending time at the beach or some other fun place with my family, out eating yummy foods and driving around Los Angeles with friends, and otherwise doing other nerdy things like making box forts for my cats because duh.

· What is Patreon?
Patreon is a platform where you can directly support my art and projects. Just choose how much you’d like to pledge (pledge = donate) per month (even $1 helps!), and in return you’ll receive Patreon-exclusive rewards including access to my secret blog, first dibs on commission bookings, discount codes to my Etsy Store, coloring page downloads, intimate peeks inside my sketchbook, limited edition original illustrations and archival prints, voting privileges on ideas and designs you’d like me to do, live group chat with me on Hangouts, my original crochet design downloads, joining in on my gaming live streams and parties, and more! Check it out!

· What is an archival giclée print?
Archival means that the materials used to make the print are of higher end quality and will resist fading, discoloration, and deterioration for the next 100-200+ years. I print all my artwork in my home studio with an Epson inkjet printer using water, smudge, and fade resistant pigment inks on 100% cotton acid-free velvet fine art paper.

· Would you consider doing collaborative/promotional work?
Definitely, yes. A few things I’d consider include: design work (e.g. flyers for events, product labels, album cover artwork), concept design, illustrating/writing books, etc. If you like what you see in my portfolio and think we’d work well together, please feel free to message me!

· There’s a product you designed that I love, but it’s not being sold in your shops. Can I special order it?
You can request to special order an item that’s out of stock if it’s still available. Some of the work I do is limited edition, and I also have a policy where I do not re-sell customs to anyone but the original buyer.

· Do you accept custom orders?
I accept custom orders, including tattoo designs, both on my Patreon and my Etsy – just shoot me a message to see if I have any available bookings!

· What is your pricing?
Most personalized illustration commissions start at $30-50 depending on the sizing and complexity of the request, plus $15 per hour I work on the piece and shipping costs. A standard commission could cost anywhere from $50-$300+, and could take as long as 1-30+ days to complete and ship. If you’re interested in requesting a custom artwork, please message me to see if I have any available bookings and I’ll set up a listing for you in my Etsy Shop. I require payment upfront, and do not accept refunds due to cancellations; please purchase seriously. Pricing for other products and services vary.

· Your pricing is too expensive, will you more affordably price your art and services?
I love and value what I do and my pricing is rather fair. If you like what I create, this is what I charge. If you don’t want to pay it, you don’t have to buy it.

· How long will it take to receive my order?
Parcels are shipped via First Class Mail with a tracking number attached after payment has been received. Every week I pack up all orders on Friday afternoon to be shipped during the weekend. For those in the U.S., it should take 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on your location, holidays, & weather conditions. For those outside the U.S., it should take 1-4 weeks for International orders to arrive due to transport, customs, holidays, and weather conditions. I’m not responsible for delays due to customs. If you’ve placed a custom order, the time it ships out depends on when the order was placed, and how long it took me to finalize payment and complete the piece.

· What is your return and exchange policy?
I don’t accept returns, exchanges, or refunds; please purchase seriously.