“Celestial Ghost Dreams” – An Original Poem

I float into the sparkling skies in a dreamy daze
on a cool airy breeze made of vanilla kisses.
I gazed over the quaint miniature villages
twinkling in lush miniature forests, and the
sapphire sea waving me a misty farewell.
On tiptoes I press my fingertips into the silver
crescent moon, dancing in lunar rainbow prisms.
Squishing my toes into marshmallow clouds,
weightless laughter fluttering about the galaxy.
I swim throughout the opal depths of beyond,
prancing throughout each stardust constellation.
Returning to mortality far too soon, leaving this
ethereal flight to face Earthly nightmares untold.
Sighing sweetly glimmering stars into the night,
rosy golden hair reaching out as lovers so often do,
crystals dripping up my face into outer space.

☆ Published July 30th, 2015 ☆
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