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Welcome to Moondust Moth, my inky grey world of haunting melancholies. I’m a mixed-media Dark Surrealism Artist creating aggressive, rough scrawls of ghoulish lovelies, monsters, and spirit worlds using raw imagination and emotion. I favor using pen/ink, and my collection is ever-growing; there’s something seductive and revealing about laying my soul out on paper, unforgiving mistakes and all. It’s organic, wild, and powerfully expressive. I believe a person’s art is an extension of their soul, and hell, I’m brimming with morbid reveries.

I was born and raised in rural Texas; Southern venom on my tongue, sweet tea flowing in my veins, and punky combat boots on my feet. I traveled throughout the dusty midwest for several years, and currently call Los Angeles my place of residence. I’ve had minimal formal art education beyond high school, and much more prefer to consistently keep my sketchbook on hand. I work from my home studio creating my artwork, maintaining my websites, writing, doing print production, and packing up orders to ship. Oh yeah – my crazy-weird husband, son, and two cats live here with me, too.

A dream of mine is to move back to the countryside and live in a farmhouse on a beautiful plot of land, where I can build up a small homestead with a lush garden and free-range domesticated animals. When I’m not working on something I can be found enjoying endless music playlists, watching animé, playing video games, crocheting, reading epic literature, moonbathing, cooking healthy clean eats, splashing around in the sea, singing terribly in the shower, snapping photos, hiking, or hanging with friends at one of this cities amazing eateries.

If you’d like to know more feel free to send me a message or read my FAQ’s – a few topics I touch up on include custom orders, collaborative work, freelance promotional work, and pricing. Thank you for visiting and supporting my art, it means a lot. xx

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